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DiMS! organizing print welcomes 2010 with seven optional gray boxes certified! (05/11/2009)

Within just seven months DiMS! organizing print’s MIS/ERP system has achieved what no other MIS vendor has managed – five JDF certifications from the CIP4. Two of the certifications – MIS to WebPress ICS and MIS to Finishing ICS – were the first certifications to be awarded to an ERP/MIS developer. Plus, in December 2009, DiMS! organizing print successfully completed testing for seven optional gray boxes. The company has been awarded these gray boxes as part of its MIS to Prepress certification

Gray boxes are the JDF equivalent of placeholders and help, for example, to improve the workflow and make production more economical. The following gray boxes were certified: ImpositionProofing, ImpositionSoftProofing, PageProofing, PageSoftProofing, ProofAndPlateMaking, ImpositionRIPing, and PlateSetting. The certification of these optional gray boxes is an independent and highly respected endorsement, and underlines DiMS! organizing print’s position as a world leader in MIS systems for the printing and packaging industries.

DiMS! organizing print welcomes 2010 with seven optional gray boxes certified!

DiMS! was built from the top down and all of the features were included in the original design, making it the ideal architecture for JDF connections. This is also the reason it was exceptionally quick for DiMS.NET! to achieve certification.

“DiMS! received product certification in a relatively short period of time because the company’s products are built around the JDF specification and architecture,” says Dr. Mark Bohan, Vice President, Technology and Research, Printing Industries of America. “It’s not an easy process, however. The software must have all of its key functionality working, including the ability to provide support for Job Messaging Format (JMF) options and, in particular, JDF processes and resources. The certifications prove that DiMS! excels in these areas for print MIS systems.”

“It has been a very rewarding year, particularly regarding our long list of industry certifications,” says Gerard Marneth, CEO, DiMS! organizing print. “We began 2009 with some challenging marketing goals and I’m very proud that we’ve achieved them. It’s very reassuring for our customers to know that they’re using a product that’s so highly respected in the industry.”

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