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Affordable Yet Sassy Food Product Packaging Concepts to Attract Foodies

There is a common saying that goes around amongst foodies- “You first eat with your eyes, then you eat with your mouth.” This proves that a person will only choose to eat something only if it looks relishing enough. When it comes to processed or packaged food the same concept applies to the packaging that the food comes in. Product packaging concept & design is a vital checklist that any successful businessman takes into consideration while selling their products as they know that customers will only buy their product if it is packed beautifully and ill sell even more if the design of that packaging is exotic and sassy.

Product packaging companies are coming up with brand new ideas to help a business increase their product sales especially food companies to sell their items to foodies. They are inventing not only new innovative packaging design but also affordable ones that are both useful to a consumer and is beautiful to look at. Here are some affordable yet sassy product packaging concepts for foodies.

1. TOGO burger- Here is one very interesting product packaging concept that not only helps the customer to effectively carry his to-go burger but also eco-friendly by using less amount of paper in its packaging and much more affordable than its traditional counterpart.

2. Milk cartons that change colour– Here is one unique idea that a product packaging design company came up with. They made a carton that changes colour as it approaches its expiration date. Very often we pick up a milk carton without checking the expiry date on them and we are stuck with stale milk. After this is introduced you can just check the colour of the carton to determine whether your milk is bad. This saves a lot of time and money for a consumer.

3. Goldfish tea bags– This is extremely innovative and fun packaging design. Here tea bags are shaped like goldfish, but you cannot distinguish their shape when they are in the package. They only take shape and form once they are submerged into a warm cup of water. This plays to the mood of your afternoon tea by showcasing a goldfish swimming in a cup of water.

4. Honey package made of beeswax– This is both an affordable food packaging and an eco-friendly one. The company who has made this has formulated a package that is made of beeswax and as a result, they have made a completely sustainable package. This product packaging concept is not only an extremely cool idea but also helps us to save the environment.

5. French fries with a pocket for ketchup– How many times did you wish that you had somewhere to put your ketchup in while eating fries on the go? Generally, we spread the ketchup very unevenly on the fries or have the fries sauce free. Well no more, there is a packaging design that has a built-in pouch with the package that your fries come in. This will enable you to enjoy your fries on the go hassle-free.

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