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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in going green

We take so much from nature but we never give anything to it in return. Nature gives us trees and trees bestow us with so many useful things for which they are constantly cut down across the world but unfortunately, not enough are planted. Therefore, we can contribute to making a healthy environment only by planting more trees as only trees can keep the nature intact and balanced.delivering customer-specific, need-specific and time-specific printing solutions that are in-sync with latest printing and packaging practices. Continued investment in infrastructure and technology and unparalleled services has resulted in a remarkable growth setting us as a global competitor and a frontrunner in printing and packaging industry.

Afforestation is one of our moral objectives

To this effect, we have a well-maintained multi-utility play ground full of trees. Our staff members and their families use it for their personal purposes such as playing and relaxing. Simultaneously, it also acts as a green belt of the company’s area. We are in process of developing more grounds and lawns full of trees.

We employ completely eco-friendly printing techniques

Before we adopt a new practice, we make it a point to consult the environment experts to know how it would affect the environment and if the impact would be sever than are there any alternatives to reduce the pollution. It is our social responsibility and we leave no stone unturned to perform our duties adequately.

Active role in generating Carbon Credits

According to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)formulated under Kyoto Protocol, a company can earn carbon points or credits by significantly reducing the carbon dioxide emission. CDM also provides for the encashment of these carbon points with developed countries.ln order to accumulate carbon points we follow environment-friendly practices such as using eco-friendly or green dyes, properly disposing off the waste material, planting more and more trees in and around the campus, optimum and sensible use of electricity and diesel generators, etc.

In House Lodging

We reduce carbon emission by providing housing facility to all employees in the facility. The carbon footprint which their vehicles would have created to travel to and fro from home is saved

Rain Water Harvesting

Our maximum water needs are fulfilled by large reservoirs created underground.