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Reduce Packaging Waste with Sustainable Product Packaging

sustainable product packaging reduce packaging waste

The world is fast moving towards sustainability, be it in its production techniques or ones used in packaging products. Not only does this build a good brand name but it also saves the companies a good deal of money which is otherwise spent on handling waste created in packaging.

There are several ways to reduce packaging waste & promote sustainable product packaging.

Training the Manpower

Unless the personnel engaged in packaging have been fully trained on waste management, any amount of measures taken to reduce packaging waste would not be effective. Lack of training would result in the creation of waste and improper use of waste disposal as well. Any change in packaging or ways of packing should be communicated well in advance to the staff concerned.

Use Reusable/Recyclable Material

Utilizing leftover packaging material, not only reduces packaging waste but it is also cost effective for the product maker. Using packaging material that cannot be recycled is a waste of money and harmful to the environment at the same time.

• Use of Minimal Packaging

Do not go in for a packaging which is twice the size of your product. You will be spending more on the packaging, on storing the packed goods and also on their transportation. A product that fits in snugly inside its packaging not only saves packaging money but it also stays secure in the package by not moving around too much inside it.

Go Sustainable

Use sustainable product packaging material like cotton, manmade fiber and wood to name a few. It is a cost-effective way of packaging and it also earns the brand goodwill among its customer base. Source your cardboard or paper packaging from a manufacturer who uses sustainable sources.

Choose the Packaging according to the Product

A sustainable product packaging company keeps the shape as well as the contents of the product in mind before deciding on the product packaging design. Unnecessarily double or triple layers of packaging just increase your packaging waste.

• Invest in a Shredder

Leftover packaging material can be shredded by an industrial shredder to create filling material that can be utilized in packaging. This saves money spent on buying filling material.

• Go Easy on Filling

The first step towards this one is what we discussed earlier, keeping an optimal size of product packaging. This would ensure that you use a minimal amount of filling, makes your product sustainable and saves you an ample amount of money.

Biodegradable Packaging Material

Using packaging material that is going to end up in a landfill somewhere is not the way to go in today’s times. Using bio-degradable product packaging material that can be broken down is one way of managing packaging waste.

Using Stretch Paper Wrapping

Shipper carton boxes have proven to safeguard the products but instead of packing small packages separately in large cardboard boxes, wrap them together using stretch paper wrapping. Not only do you get to save on the cardboard boxes but the product shipment stays safe and secure as well.

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