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Top Packaging Trends You Must be Aware Of

top packaging trends

What looks well, sells better!

Packaging, no wonder, is important and so the packaging trends that keep changing every year. There seems to be a major shift in industry’s and FMCG sector’s preferences and likes when it comes to packaging the products.

The industry is witnessing a surge of options and no one is complaining.

So, without much ado, here is a list of some of the top packaging trends in the market that any progressive and marketing-conscious entrepreneur and organization needs to be aware of:

The Almighty Digital Print

More customization and personalization are in and this is exactly where the label makers and packaging companies are headed. What the latest packaging trends suggest is that new digital press installations are growing quite rapidly.

While the conventional press installations are contracting in number, we are about to see a major shift in how our labels are manufactured.

Transparency and Clean Labels

Your customers now value food traceability and transparency from your side. You are expected to design product packaging that doesn’t just enlighten your consumers but also verifies their purchase decisions.

Scanning food packaging in particular is a great way to learn more about the origin of the product.

E-Commerce Galore!

E-commerce is expanding quickly and the retail market is becoming bigger than what it was up until a few years ago. With almost everything available online, your consumers expect you to design a product package that is internet friendly and offers complete convenience when they are ordering goods from online portals.

Time for Witty Conversational Labels

Branding is how you win the loyalty of a user and what better way to converse with your brand’s audience than the package itself. More and more packaging labels are increasingly becoming an important conversation tool.

The entire communication content and visual on a package is being planned in a creative manner to leave the customer with a desire to come back, again and again.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Nature-consciousness is increasing and so is the demand and liking for eco-friendly packaging.
So, before you pick a label or a package for your products, make sure to check out the latest trends and best quality assurance for packaging.

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