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Laser Transfer Printing (LTP) Technology for High Grade Printing Experience

Laser Transfer Printing (LTP) Technology for High Grade Printing Experience

The accuracy and flexibility of a laser-based digital printing process and the application options offered by this printing are extensively used today. Laser Transfer Printing is a simple, digital and robust process with high throughput and is advancement over traditional analog printing technologies. It brings digital technology to flexible film packaging applications.

With the LTP process, highly filled printing inks can be transferred with previously unknown micrometer precision to flat objects, even in multiple passes for thick coatings or in combination with intricate structures.

The printing material can also be later worked with thermal transfer printing process. The high-quality paper base can withstand high temperatures of the iron and are compatible with most laser printers and copiers.

Some other advantages of Laser Transfer Printing with Leo Group are:

  • It is suitable for transferring your pictures, designs, logos, or other digital artworks onto the material by simply using a laser printer and an iron.
  • The technology produces a very high resolution print onto the package that is easy to read and also helps ensure no degradation of the aesthetic quality of the packaging film artwork and design
  • The specially formulated coating ensures true image transfer. Due to the contact-free LTP technology, the paste losses are less.
  • It helps reduce the equipment costs as one can save on the ‘dryer step’ of printing.
  • This method also opens up new possibilities, such as the production of halftone effects.

We at Leo Design are instrumental in offering a wide array of Laser Transfer Printing (LTP) on packaging and printing materials to the clients. We do image, text or logo transfer with bright quality on different items for printing various designs at its best. We ensure that the durability of the printed media is great by using the best inks. A cold lamination process is recommended to laminate your print.

Compatibility of the lamination film is ensured prior to its use.

We at Leo Design have taken packaging to greater advancements keeping in mind your need for designing, printing and packaging services and to provide you with contentment and gratification. You can find out more about our business and services at We would be happy to assist!