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MET PET & UV Printing for Packaging Industry

MET PET & UV Printing

MET PET & UV Printing is widely used for Packaging purpose today. Metalized films are nothing but polymer films coated with a thin layer of metallic film. They offer the lustrous metallic appearance of an Aluminium foil. UV coating (or ultraviolet coating), is a glossy coating applied to the printed surface of paper and mended on a special machine using UV light. The metallic finish gives a premium look to a product.

MET PET Printing

This type of printing gives the basic function of giving brilliance of metalized film which helps in better presentation of products by enhancing the particular decorative and aesthetic characteristics of flexible packaging. There is homogeneity of this layer and this metal coating does not discolor or fade over time. It has high clarity and gives a 3D effect when combined with embossing.

Leo Design Services offers this simple production process of MET PET printing with easy adhesion of the metal on film and good abrasion resistance. It helps in long-lasting performances of the product and prevention from duplication.

The Aluminium layer deposited on film is very thin and this immensely thin layer guarantees great barrier properties even after lamination because, unlike the foil, it is less fragile and does not crack or break. This is of great advantage especially to some industries like food industry. High barrier helps to increase a product’s shelf life by reducing antioxidant and preservative inhibition in their products.
Another great advantage is that this can be an economical substitute of Aluminium foil. For all kind of applications where Aluminium foil is used to guarantee barrier effect, metalized film provide better and rigid protection.

We at Leo propose to give you MET PET Printing with instantaneous drying time with Ultra Violet light exposure. It has superior tensile strength and chemical resistance. Printing is done on silver laminate materials through UV printing and UV machines and retains strong adhesiveness of metallic layer even after lamination. Graining is also done through the same system which gives a texture UV look to the printed material.

We employ lower power consumption for this production. Through this printing process we make a good utilization of aluminium and drastic reduction of un-recyclable metal waste. Additionally, the wider possibility to use single-layer film helps in the reduction of use of multi-layer films. It also helps in less transport consumption.

Leo Designs will be delighted to develop packaging material with MET PET & UV printing for you. You can know more or mail your requirement to us via our contact us page