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Multiple Packaging Options to Prevent Shipping Damage of Products

prevent shipping damage of products

*Phone rings*
Customer – Hi, I am XYZ, my order no. is 123456. I have received a damaged product. I want to return it.

Dealer – Hello, We are sorry for the damage, but are you sure it is damaged because we shipped the best quality product.

Customer – Yes, the items packed in are totally messed up. Please take it back.

Dealer – Sorry for the inconvenience. Would you like to replace the product?

Customer – No, thank you. I just want to return it.

Dealer – Okay, will issue a return. Please do shop again.

Customer – Ya sure. (Thinking to himself – Not again please )

Who in the world would like a damaged product shipped to their doorstep? Definitely no one. You won’t like it either. Would you?

As a brand, if you want to make your first impression count, it is highly important that your customers receive the products as described, displayed and with no shipping damage.

Shipping damage can be a threat to your business. Along with cost of returns and replacements involved, it can have a negative impact on your brand reputation, customer base, customer satisfaction thus limiting your sales.

What causes shipping damage to your products?

– Damage to products in transit can be due to no. of reasons like
– Falling of the product
– Compression, crushing or bursting due to over stacking of products
– Change in temperature and humidity
– Excessive vibration between product and product or even product and packaging causing wear & tear

Here are some of the packaging options to prevent shipping damage:

1. Corrugated Boxes
For outer packing of the products, corrugated boxes also known as shipper cartons are the life saviour. They offer rigidity and protection against high impact. For fragile items, single-wall boxes can be used while for heavier orders, double-wall or triple-wall boxes can be used.

Avoid reusing old packaging as cardboards get damaged with passage of time, affecting the protection of your product.You must ensure the item is secure and box is sturdy.

2. Bubble Wrap
Bit expensive, bubble wraps are a used to provide total coverage to products that require protection from impact such as glass.

3. Parcel Tape
Secure the package using parcel tape and not cello tape. Cello tape is good for packing small and lightweight goods but to prevent shipping damage for heavy goods, use high quality pressure sensitive tapes.

4. Air Cushions
To prevent shipping damage, it is highly recommended to reduce the space as much as possible within the box to prevent items from moving around. When these small air filled cushions when placed inside a box take up the empty space thus protecting objects from rolling.

While shipping, products are bound to get tossed and dropped but a good quality packaging can reduce the effect and will also ensure a long shelf life.

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