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Laminated Tubes – A Revolution in the Packaging Industry

laminated tubes packaging company

Apart from the good quality of the product, what attracts customer is its presentation and that gets reflected from the packaging design and style. No wonder, most of the innovations in branding and product promotions are happening in the packaging genre and Laminated Tubes is the new groundbreaking trend.

From beauty products to industrial applications, laminated tubes have marked great impressions on consumers encouraging them to use the product judiciously. So how have laminated tubes revolutionised the packaging industry?

Let us look at their effective contribution to advertising strategies and product promotion techniques –

Preferred Choice in Health & Wellness Industry: Lamin tubes are the preferred packaging style all across the globe especially for food, industrial elements, beauty care, and pharmaceutical products. In fact, the oral care industry has been one of the pioneering industries to market their products through laminated tubes. With time, the tubes are gaining acceptance in other industries as well; especially in the beauty, health and wellness sector owing to their role in efficient usage of the product.

Economical Packaging Choice: With excellent barrier properties, laminated tubes are cost-effective and feature a high-quality product shelf life. Laminated tubes also have flexible, smooth, and soft exteriors leading to perfect sealability. Moreover, laminated tubes posses high filling line speed during the packaging process with complement moisture retention.

Ease of Carrying and Preserving: Customers when looking for personal care products, they not only rely on quality but also on portability factor. Is product easy to carry anywhere? How would the packing of a product lead to its usage? Considering such factors, the design of laminated tubes attracts customers by framing various convincing ways for customers to buy a particular product. Some food materials like jam, sauce etc are easy to carry when stored in laminated tubes. rather than a cardboard box.

It’s time for you to ride the tide and shift to lami tubes as a packaging choice for your product if you are operating in beauty, pharmaceutical, food, health or wellness industry.

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