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10 Product Packaging Design Mistakes to Avoid

product packaging design mistakes to avoid

Packaging faux pas has bugged all manufactures at some point of time, some more than others. Very few get it right the first time and even if your company does, there is always room for improvement to make your product packaging even better than what it is. The packaging should be spot-on, say what your product is and what your brand stands for, in simple words or graphics. We bring to you some of the product packaging design mistakes that you must avoid.

Less is More

Companies providing product design & packaging services usually don’t recommend to do excessive packaging for your product and advice to use only the amount of material required. After all, you don’t want your customers to spend a lot of time trying to open the package and then ending up with a lot of waste. Know that the customers today are environment-friendly and this waste does not bode well with them.

Typo Errors in Prints or Graphics

A picture says it all and a typo error reflects that your brand is not only careless but it also does not make a good impression about the product inside. With this not so minor product packaging mistake, customer might develop a mindset that the product inside may be faulty too. You’ll never want that to happen. No one in the world would either.

Complicated Packaging

If the customer needs to spend half a day trying to figure out how to open packaging, trust us it’s a big flaw. It is like buying a pair of scissors to open the pack of scissors you have just bought.

KISS principle

Keep it simple stupid is what works for most things in the advertising and marketing world and it also applies to the world of packaging design. Simple, straightforward and streamlined designs will grab the maximum and immediate attention.


Your product packaging should be aesthetic and not have anything that might look funny in a bad way.

Clear Printing

The name, logo and all the other specifics printed on the product packaging should be clearly printed and in a font that is readable by the human eye unless that race is not your target audience!

Don’t Change the Packaging too Soon

This is a common product packaging design mistake. The customers had just begun to register your brand and had associated it with your packaging when you decided to change it to a completely different one. This step will confuse the customers who would go more by a visual approach and still look for the old packaging.

White Space

Color experts say that every packaging must have an element of white or white space as white is one of the best higher backgrounds. Jarring colors on the entire packaging surface are just going to give a headache to the customer.

Find your Product’s USP

Don’t keep your packaging too generic for then there would be nothing to differentiate you from the competition. Some element in your packaging must stand out and make an impression on the customer.

Go with Trend

If your packaging speaks old world, the customer might perceive your product also as having no unique factor or lacking innovation. So try and incorporate modern packaging trends in both outer and inner packing.

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