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Digital vs Offset Printing – All You Need to Know

Digital vs Offset Printing Services

Offset printing is technique used in printing that involves transferring an inked image onto a rubber blanket and then a printing surface from a plate.

The plates used in this process are usually made of aluminum and the printing surface is usually paper in most cases.

This technique is used to print on various items such as brochures, leaflets, carton packaging and even consumer goods.

Offset printing is also known as such because the ink used is not transferred directly onto the sheet of paper.

Most offset printing companies invest in quality machines to offer these services.

Leo design packaging is one of the best known printing companies that offer offset printing services in India.

We have an offset printing facility in Hiedelberg where we have invested in quality machines that offer offset printing services to numerous clients. It was done to complete the increased the amount of offset printing work within a shorter period of time.

Digital offset printing on the other hand doesn’t use plates like in offset printing. This method of printing uses larger printers, like regular printers, that use regular ink.


Digital vs Offset Printing

Some of the main differences form offside printing and digital offset printing become clear when it comes to quality.

Offset Printing permits for more accurate color transfers onto sheets while with Digital Offset Printing the options are often limited to black and white.

Digital offset printing however allows room for changing variables in printing data. This data can be dates or even names and can easily be altered as the printing process goes on. Offset printing on the other hand does not offer this kind of flexibility.


Advantages of Offset Printing


Some of the other advantages of using Offset Printing Services include :

  1. Production of larger volumes of quality material. This is why most offset printing companies prefer to invest in the machines to churn this kind of work.
  2. Offset printing services are also relatively cheaper in relation to the volumes that can be printed out. This is because the more printing you need, the less you will need to pay.
  3. Because of the ability to print in almost all colors, offset printing services are the most ideal for branding designs and packaging material.
  4. The packaging material can be branded in the appropriate company colors thus effectively increasing visibility.
  5. The great details that can be captured in offset printing also mean that your logo will be well captured on the packaging as well.


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The quality aspect of the offset printing company is also impossible to compromise.

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