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Customised Carton Printing

Carton printing is generally done using the technique called post-printing. Using this method, Printed Carton Manufacturers print logos or text on a readymade carton or box. The packaging can be of any shape, color, size or finish and the custom box printing design option is chosen accordingly. This technique allows companies to get custom printed cardboard boxes with the printing of their logos on boxes even in smaller quantities as well.

There are several types of post-printing options and custom printing services for carton box available for companies today to choose from like Foil Hot Stamping, Flexo Ink Printing, Screen Ink Printing, and Digital Ink Printing and all these processes come at a different price range.

Foil Hot Stamping and Flexo Ink Printing use plates to stamp the logo onto the carton. This process allows for one or two colors to be printed with each color requiring a separate plate. This plate is also printed separately. Screen Printing which is also an Ink printing method provides a better quality print than Flexo Ink. The most expensive option is digital printing which allows a full-color image to be printed on the carton. For printing of corrugated carton boxes, if you want to achieve high definition images then the solution is doing the printing on paper and then gluing it onto the box.

If you want your Packaging Design of Carton Boxes to make a statement in the industry, go for customized packaging box printing by Leo Designs & Packaging – Best Custom Printed Carton Box Manufacturers that provides packaging box printing, carton box printing services at a cost effective price.

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