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Self Adhesive Sticker Labels

Self-Adhesive Labels are small pieces of paper designed to be sticked to another large piece of paper or object with the help of a layer of adhesive which is on the back of the small paper or say label.

As a Self-Adhesive Labels Manufacturer, we believe sticky labels are a trend now a days as they are easy to use and provides a clear information about the product thus maintaining the attractiveness of the product. The self adhesive labels suppliers & manufacturers personalize sticker labels according to the product need or as specified by the client that clearly showcase the brand name, brand logo & exact use of the product.

Types of Self-Adhesive Labels

1) Permanent
2) Removable
3) Aggressive

Advantages of Self-Adhesive Labels

Time Saving – Self adhesive labels are easy to apply by machines which use a reel-fed applicator and a much simpler setup. The release coating allows for easy removal of the label from the protective backing liner to the product surface.

Cost Effective – Sticky labels are easy to apply so it does not require expensive tooling or set up cost.

Durable – Self adhesive sticker labels have excellent durability that is why most beverage and wine companies are using them. These labels can be custom designed also called personalized sticker labels, by company that provide label printing services and manufacture them in a way to resist damage from a range of substances including water & oil, and will not peel off regardless of the surface material you are applying to.

Versatile – Sticker labels are versaltile as they can be used on almost all kinds of products and surfaces, and on any packaging shapes and sizes.

Moving with the times – Labels & Stickers are popular because they can be used as marketing tools for product branding. You can create good quality, out of the box designs which are great for boosting a product’s shelf appeal. Self-adhesive labels help in providing unique and vibrant packaging intended to attract the target audience.

So, if you are looking for the leading and trusted Self Adhesive Label Manufacturers, Self Adhesive Label Supplier in India, look no further than Leo Designs and Packaging group. Our expert team can guide you more on how to economically plan your product packaging budget while including new age package designs along with Self-Adhesive Labels

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