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Metallic Printing

Metallic printing in gold or silver finish is one way in which a brand or a product can make their packaging impressive to look at. By opting metallic ink printing services, it adds a luxurious feel to the product and takes the quality quotient a notch higher. It is seen mostly in the packaging used for cosmetic products. Metallic printing service providing company does this process on paper in usually three common techniques.

1) Hot Foil Stamping

In Hot Foil Stamping & Printing, a very thin layer of aluminum coating on the foil paper is transferred onto the paperboard, using heat and pressure.

2) Metallic Ink Printing

This technique is also known as metal platelet technology wherein metallic inks are used to create a shiny print. The metallic inks printing service providers mix metallic inks with metallic particles that are usually made of copper, aluminum, bronze or zinc. Once the metallic ink is printed and is dry, the metallic particles rise to the surface and create a metallic appearance.

3) Metalized Paperboard Printing

The shiny metallic effect in this method is created through the natural metallic color of the metalized paperboard. When the layout is created, the areas for metallic finish are left transparent and no ink is applied to that area during the printing process. The CMYK inks are only printed on the text area and the colored area.

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