Publicity Material
We have an experience in printing Publicity Material of all sorts for cooperates and businesses. Our highly skilled designing and printing professiona...[more]
Self Adhesive Labels
We are amongst the leading companies providing Self Adhesive Labels Printing Services. Our commitment to total quality control (TQC) helps us to produ...[more]
Paper Labels
We are the global providers of the Paper Labels Services based in India. We strictly adhere to high degree of accuracy while making Paper Labels of ...[more]
We provide wide range of services under one roof for e.g
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PrintCity appoints new director of Fairs and Events (19/01/2010)
Gröbenzell, Germany, 19 January, 2010. Ilka Grabener is joining the PrintCity Alliance as its new director of Fairs and Events from January 2010. ...[more]
DiMS! organizing print welcomes 2010 with seven optional gray boxes certified! (05/11/2009)
Within just seven months DiMS! organizing print’s MIS/ERP system has achieved what no other MIS vendor has managed – five JDF certifications from the CIP4. ...[more]
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