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We provide wide range of products & services under one roof for e.g
Offset printing
We have the best of Offset printing facility of Hiedelberg and more machines and offer excellent quality for brochure printing, leaflet printing...[more]
We believe in ending the job in the best manner. We function as a finishing house that offers a wide range of post-print services and ensures ...[more]
As a Platform of excellent systems and best pre-print facilities, Leo Designs and Packaging pvt ltd is capable of handling multi-clients ...[more]
Met Pet Printing
Printing can be made more attractive if it is metallic multicolor printing. Printing is done on silver laminate materials through UV printing ...[more]
Shipper Cartons
Shipper cartons are corrugated cartons used to safely package materials for storage and transit purposes. We specialize in ...[more]
E Flute Boxes
These boxes comprise of a shipper box with an outer layer of fine quality paper capable of supporting high quality printing....[more]
Flexo Printing
We offer specialized flexographic printing machines of Nilpeter and Mark Andy for 8 colour and 6 color UV label printing in roll form...[more]
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