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Met Pet Printing

Met Pet Printing refers to laminating Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) films with thin layer of metal foil usually alluminium thus giving it a very high shine finish. Printing is made more attractive with metallic multicolor printing.

In Met Pet Printing, none of the ink is absorbed but the ink is dried using UV rays. Printing is done on silver laminate materials through UV printing and UV machines which helps in retaining strong adhesiveness of metallic layer even after lamination thus enhancing the overall look of the product making it more attractive and unique on the shelf. Graining is also done through the same system which gives a texture UV look to the printed material.

We at Leo Design and Packaging employs lower power consumption for this production making maximum use of the alluminium and drastically reducing un-recyclable metal waste.

Advantages of Met Pet Printing with Leo:

  1. Attractive packaging
  2. Longer shelf life
  3. High shine finish
  4. Superior clarity
  5. Coating doesn’t fade away over time
  6. Effective protection against UV radiations
  7. Superior tensile strength and chemical resistance
  8. Extreme resistance to abrasion

For your next MET PET Printing Services Contact Leo Designs and Packaging. We will be more than happy to work for you and develop packaging material with high quality Met Pet & UV printing as per your requirements.

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