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Offset printing

Transferring inked image (or “offset”) from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface is known as Offset Printing.

Leo Design Printing Service is commonly used for creating printed materials such as:

– Cartons and other creative printing for consumer goods.
– Magazines
– Brochures
– Stationery
– Books
– Leaflets
– Newspapers

Leo have the best of Printing facility of Hiedelberg and more machines and offer excellent quality. We have invested fairly well in printing set up to ensure fast-speed impressions. The capacity of our printing machine is around 45 lacs sheets per month that ensures clients get their jobs done in lesser time and get the finest quality as well.

Offset Printing Advantages:
1. Lower Cost for High Volume Work
2. Superior Print Quality
3. Prints available in thousands of colors
4. Can be printed on Variety of Printed Materials

Why Choose Leo Design and Packaging for Offset Printing Services?

1. 100% Customer Satisfaction
2. Affordable Price
3. World Class Quality
4. On Time Delivery
5. High Quality Printing Machine (with capacity of producing 45 lacs+ sheets per month)

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